The main thrust of these sessions are to add new dimensions to top students who are as non-artists, and who specifically identify as participants in the fields of  Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  Programs are individualized.

The sweeping movement of  STEM to STEAM is actually what we have been teaching before it was named:  STEAM  Edu and  STEM + ARTS = STEAM.

What we realize more now than ever, is that for a person to to rise to the top of his, or her chosen field discipline, no one can be isolated or limit themselves.  

Illustrated Lectures:

These presentations can be stand-alone events, a series of Studio classes, and/or a lecture that can serve as an introduction to the benefits of visual thinking to the development of creativity and innovation.  

Hands-on Studio Classes:

We offer a series of studio sessions, each using a different media with a variety of supplies and assorted techniques.  Since the class is designed to avoid a notion of preconceived results, this allows the participants to experiment freely and begin to understand the concept of visual thinking.  There is accent, not on product, but on process, and the manner of thinking.  Interwoven in each class are concepts of the Elements and the Principles of 2-Dimensional Design and its aesthetic basis in math. 


An essential goal of the course is devoted to inspiring the desire, persistence, to learn how to design one’s own thought process from the birth of the idea through its development.  By opening up to creative thought process, we strengthen the ability to activate the channels of the mind capable of solving problem and developing our capacity for continued innovation.  


Give us a chance to guide your participants into new areas and experience.

Find out how much adventure in the visual delights can invigorate the mind. 

Contact us to set up a meeting to discuss how we can add that spice, that special

ingredient to your solid program.  Develop creativity with innovation rules!

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